Labour pledges tight control on Council Tax as campaign for Northumberland begins

Labour has launched its campaign for the new Unitary Council for Northumberland with a pledge to keep future council tax increases under the rate of inflation for the next 5 years. 

Labour will be fighting every ward of the 67 wards in Northumberland for the first time and will be fielding a record-number of women candidates.

Launching their campaign for the May 1 elections, Labour candidates have pledged to keep council tax as low as possible whilst protecting front-line services.

Susan Dungworth, Labour’s Election Agent, said

“Labour is determined to deliver excellent local services that are value for money. Statistics show that Labour Councils on average cost you less and deliver more. That’s in stark contrast to Lib Dems and the Tories who have a track record of cutting front-line services to the most vulnerable whenever they take control of local councils.”

Labour’s manifesto for Northumberland contains 5 main pledges on Council Tax, Education, Decent and Affordable Homes, Integrated Transport and Safer Communities.

Labour’s other pledges for Northumberland are:

The best education for every child

Giving power to the people by enabling communities and neighbourhoods to influence and manage the services they receive

To work to secure decent and affordable homes

To work for integrated affordable transport for all

To create safe communities of respect and tolerance

Labour’s Susan Dungworth continued;

“We are a united team, determined to look forward and make this new Council a success. Labour Candidates will always put the interests of their local communities first and ensure this new Council gives power back to local people.”


Notes to Editors:

1. Labour is standing 30 women candidates in the forthcoming elections for Northumberland County Council on Thursday 1st May.

2. UK Average council tax per dwelling 2008/09:
Council Control Average council tax per dwelling Average % increase on 07/08
LAB £1066 3.5
CON £1270 4.6
LD £1209 4.4
NOC £1077 3.9
The average council tax per dwelling for the local authority area is, on average, £204 less in areas where the top-tier authority is Labour controlled, than in areas where the top-tier is Tory controlled and £143 than in areas where the top-tier is Lib Dem controlled