The future of education in the North’s schools would be jeopardised by the Conservatives – Labour warned today.

Labour has guaranteed to introduce one-to-one tuition for school pupils who need extra help.  Figures show that 35,035 pupils could benefit from this increased, additional help from this September – if Labour is elected for a fourth term.

Labour’s Education Secretary Ed Balls said:

“Any parent who can see their child struggling at school will want to provide all the additional support they can. Labour recognises that some children will need additional support and will introduce a guarantee that any child who needs extra help will receive it.

“The Tories have opposed these measures and their policies would be a real risk to families.

“For parents worried about their children’s education their choice at this election is clear. The Tories who oppose extra help for our children or Labour who are committed to giving every chid the best possible start in life and creating a future fair for all.”

Labour’s Regional Minister for the North East, Nick Brown, said:

“Education is a top priority for Labour.  We have provided record levels of investment to help renew schools throughout the country – including here in the North East.

“Labour will use the very first Schools Bill of a fourth term to confirm our guarantee for pupils so that parents can be assured that every child who needs extra help will get it.

“The Tories would spend less on schools, do not guarantee to protect school budgets, would cut billons from existing schools budgets to pay for failed Swedish-style school reforms and do not support our guarantees for one-to-one catch up to stop pupils falling behind.

“The Tory party schools policy is hopelessly out of touch with the needs of ordinary people.

“Only Labour will guarantee the help and support local children need.  Only Labour can create a future fair for all." 


Notes to Editors

1. A new Labour government would introduce our 3Rs guarantee for primary school pupils.  This provides:

•Catch-up and one-to-one tuition for pupils who start primary school behind
•One-to-one tuition for any pupil still not making progress at age seven
•And catch-up help including one-to-one tuition provision for any pupil starting secondary school having not mastered the basics in primary.

2. A Tory government would:

•Spend less than Labour overall and won’t guarantee to protect frontline school budgets or Sure Start
•Cut billions from existing schools to pay for their plan to copy Swedish school reforms which failed to raise standards
•Introduce plans which could see schools being opened in pre-fabricated buildings, or in rented office blocks without playing fields
•Not support Labour’s guarantees of one-to-one catch up support to stop children falling behind and full information on a school’s performance for parents
•Not support our aim to get 50% of young people into university or match our guarantee to help all young people fulfil their talents with a place in training, education or an apprenticeship to the age of 18.