Deputy Regional Minister raises importance of green technology in North East

Roberta Blackman Woods MPRoberta Blackman-Woods MP (City of Durham) today requested a debate in the House of Commons to discuss the issue of renewable energy and green technology in the North East and the need for Government investment to support it.

Roberta said,

“Investment in green technology is essential if our economy is to be developed for the future.  I think the North East is well placed to take forward the application of this technology and critically to continue to develop a manufacturing base to support renewable energy.  That is why I asked for a debate so that the House of Commons can discuss these vitally important issues and so I can put the case for the North East’s national role in this regard.

“In my City of Durham constituency I recently opened a renewable energy site where companies are undertaking cutting-edge research and manufacturing and I know that there are other such firms elsewhere in the region.  I am looking forward to continuing to press in Government for more support for this sector and for the role the North East can continue to play.

“We have huge potential and a strong role to play in terms of the development of wind turbines, wave and tidal energy, photovoltaics, clean coal technology and geo-thermal energy production.  These are all areas in which I would like to see the North East take the lead.”


News Release issued by the office of Roberta Blackman-Woods MP.