A future fair for all in the North East – Labour launches manifesto.

FutureFairForAllLabour Candidates across the North East have responded to the publication of “A future fair for all” – Labour’s Manifesto for the General Election 2010.

Labour’s Minister for the North East, Nick Brown said;

"Labour is the only political party addressing the issues that confront us in the north east of England.

After careful management of the economic downturn, protecting economic growth is the right way forward for our region.

“The Lib Dem’s "savage cuts" would be a disaster for the region, as would their plans to abolish the road programme, the region’s economic development agency, assistance for the regions exporters and Labour’s support for the young unemployed.

The Tories have promised to hit the region even harder if that was possible in a LibDem -Tory bidding war against the north east."

As part of the Manifesto, Labour has pledged to examine returning Northern Rock to mutual status as one option when returning it to the private sector.

Nick Brown said;

"Labours manifesto sets out the options for Northern Rock. The Labour government saved the bank and the depositor’s savings and is now setting out the way forward. The Tories would have let it go bust. Among the possible options for part of the bank is the proposal for re-mutualisation, which I think many savers with the advantage of hindsight will want to consider. I think there is a lot of merit in a more traditional approach."

Labour’s candidate for Newcastle North, Catherine McKinnell said;

"This is great news. I've said for some time that Northern Rock should return to mutual status. It could show the way forward for responsible banking in the country, as well making sure we keep Northern Rock jobs in the region. I will do all I can to help realise a mutual solution for Northern Rock."