tom blenkinsopMiddlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop today denounced David Cameron's speech in which he said 'everyone was in the same boat' as a speech from 'someone who does not know the real needs of areas like the North East and who does not recognise that his cuts are already hitting the vulnerable’.

Tom said "these cuts that Cameron and Clegg are proposing will hit the North East harder than other parts of the UK.  We have a higher level of people in ill health as a result of their past industrial life, and our local industries need government help to upgrade and re-equip their technological base and the infrastructure to help deliver their products to markets more distant than for competitors in the more favoured south east.  Cuts imposed on a central template will obviously have a bigger impact than elsewhere, but it is clear that the coalition government do not recognise this. The cuts already announced are hitting my constituency hard.’

The Trade Union Congress has already identified departmental cuts in government spending which will have a huge adverse impact.  They include:

a programme to support children with reading difficulties, worth £5 million;

plans for building school playgrounds (£5 million);

an affordable housing programme (£100 million);

free prescriptions for everyone with a long-term health problem in England (£430 million);

free social care to 11,000 older people (£540 million); and,

the multi-million pound refurbishment of hundreds of schools across the UK. 

Tom said 'In my constituency I meet people on a daily basis with housing needs which will now not be met, and older people who need social care which they themselves cannot afford to pay for and school children who need newer and more modern schools which they may now not see in this school life'

‘It is time for the North East - which did not vote for this Con-Dem Government -  to stand up to these cuts which could have a devastating affect'


- Issued by the Office of Tom Blenkinsop MP -