Jamie Reed MP with campaigners in RedcarLabour today made a direct challenge local Liberal Democrats to join the campaign to oppose the government's controversial Health and Social Care Bill.

Shadow Health Minister Jamie Reed visited Redcar as part of the growing campaign to Drop the Bill.

Redcar's Lib Dem MP previously signed an Early Day Motion calling on the government to publish the risk register detailing the potential effects of the changes. He then failed to back the motion when brought to a vote in the floor of the House of Commons.

Jamie Reed joined Labour Party campaigners on the streets of the town to collect hundreds of signatures for the Drop the Bill petition.

Jamie Reed said:

"The Tory-led government is completely out of touch on the NHS. Their changes will cost over £190m in the North East alone and are opposed by doctors, nurses and patients. The Lib Dems can stop this Bill. Without the Lib Dems' votes the Tories will not be able to swing their wrecking ball into our NHS.

"I'm here today to call on Lib Dem MPs like Ian Swales to help stop the Bill. Mr Swales flunked his first opportunity but he will get another chance to do the right thing.

"We were told that the Lib Dems would be a moderating influence on this government. So far they haven't been and you have to wonder if these changes go through just what is the point of the Lib Dems?"


1.Figures from the NHS reveal that £191,290,466 has been set a side for re-organisation in the North East with £10,096,252 being set aside by Redcar & Cleveland PCT. 

2.Ian Swales signed Early Day Motion 2659 which stated that the government should abide by a judgement of the Information Commissioner and publish the risk register.

3.Ian Swales then did not vote in the House of Commons vote asking the government to publish the risk register on Wednesday 22 February 2012.

4.‘Drop the Health Bill' e-petition: People are being urged to add their name to the Government petition at