David Miliband and Alan Campbell at Emmerson Court in Tynemouth Visits residents let down by the Tories

Labour’s Foreign Secretary and MP for South Shields, David Miliband today visited a sheltered housing complex in Shiremoor as Labour highlighted its support for pensioners.

The Foreign Secretary has urged pensioners to take a long, hard look at the Tories, and has spoken out in support of the help that Labour has given to older people during the visit with Labour’s Candidate for Tynemouth, Alan Campbell.

During the visit to Emmerson Court in Shiremoor, David Miliband and Alan Campbell heard from angry local residents on how plans for their new building have been abandoned by the Tory Mayor for North Tyneside. The previous Labour Mayor had plans to completely rebuild the sheltered housing to provide new facilities. Now local Tories have axed the plans and are now planning only to refurbish the existing building sometime in the next six years. 

David Miliband said;

“Labour has placed a priority on providing support for pensioners.

”From the introduction of the winter fuel allowance to free bus passes Labour has provided security, dignity and peace of mind to senior citizens right here in the North East.

“People will remember the lack of support that the Tories gave senior citizens – with hundreds of local people having to make the agonising choice between heating their homes or eating a meal.

”David Cameron’s Conservatives have not changed.  For instance, they have opposed Labour’s increase to winter fuel payments.

“Labour’s has continued to support senior citizens and has pledged to restore the link between pensions and earnings – taken away by Mrs. Thatcher.

“Right here in the North East, 156,850 senior citizens have benefited from Labour’s pensions tax credit which is now worth up to £202 for couples.

“I know that senior citizens here in Tynemouth share Labour’s vision of a future fair for all and will be taking a long, hard look at the Tories.

Labour’s Candidate for Tynemouth, Alan Campbell said;

“Nearly 5,000 pensioners in this constituency alone have benefitted from our Pensioner Credit scheme.  I’m pleased to welcome David here today to reaffirm our commitment to restore the link between pensions and earnings.  Labour has delivered real improvements for pensioners over recent years and our plans for a National Care Service will provide real security for older people who need care the most.

You don’t have to wait for a Tory government to see the affect of Tory cuts. Just look at Tynemouth and you can see what they do.”