John Prescott and the ExpressFormer Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party John Prescott was joined by Michael Boaden, Labour's candidate for Carlisle to launch his final Prescott Express battle bus tour of 50 key marginal seats on Wednesday (April 7) in Carlisle.
The veteran campaigner started his four-thousand mile tour outside Carlisle Train Station.

Mr Prescott, who is leaving the House of Commons after 40 years as an MP and fighting 10 General Elections, will be revisiting key seats across Britain that he first campaigned for in 1997, 2001 and 2005 to rally support for Labour ahead of polling day
He’s been the set task of getting out Labour’s core vote in 50 key seats in areas like Dumfries, Bolton, Burnley, Ellesmere Port, Dewsbury, Tynemouth. Brighton, Exeter and Plymouth.

Mr Prescott said: "I'm revving up the battle bus for one last tour. This time it's absolutely vital that we get our core Labour vote out in this election. There are people who might not have voted for us in 2005 because they thought there vote wasn't needed.

"But now it's going to go to the wire and we need to get every vote out to ensure Labour keeps delivering for hard-working people and stop the Tories turning the clock back to the 80s when we saw interest rates of 17%, three million unemployed and the hated Poll Tax.

"So I'll be campaigning 24/7 on the doorstep and online, on Facebook and face-to-face, defending Labour's record and highlighting the damage Tories would do to this country again."
This will be Mr Prescott’s fourth and last battle bus tour after ones in 1997, 2001, 2005.
People will be able to follow his journey on his blog Mr Prescott has developed a reputation as a cyber warrior in the last couple of years, leading a successful online campaign against RBS bonuses and is the most followed MP on Twitter.
During the tour he will continue to blog, tweet and upload campaign video diaries giving a unique insider's view of the campaign.

As part of his visit to Carlisle, John Prescott dropped by to see the city's new flood defences at Denton Holme. Money for the new defences was delivered by the Labour government to reduce the chances of a repeat of the 2005 floods. Mr Prescott met 79 year old Ella Pagin who was flooded out of her home.

Labour's Candidate for Carlisle, Michael Boaden said;

"I was pleased to welcome John to Carlisle on the first leg of his trip and even more pleased to show him the flood defences that have been constructed since his last visit after the floods. John will be going around the country spelling out just how big the differences are between a Labour government committed to protecting front-line services and the Tories who would risk our economic recovery. Over the next few weeks, I'll be doing the very same thing on the streets of Carlisle and I'm confident the people of this City will back Labour again."