Mary Creagh and the Clean up Carlisle crew!Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, Mary Creagh MP visited Carlisle on Thursday (29 March 2012) as Labour launched its election pledge to clean up Carlisle. 


Mary Creagh joined Labour’s leader at Carlisle City Council, Councillor Joe Hendry, Labour candidates and volunteers to make the pledge during a litter-pick outside the Community Centre in Yewdale.


Figures obtained by Labour from the City Council show that only 2% of recorded instances of dog-fouling resulted in a fixed penalty notice being issued this year with only 2 prosecutions of fly-tippers in the last two years. 


Labour has promised to introduce a new “hit-squad” of wardens to tackle the problem; a proposal that was opposed by the Tory-led administration at the Civic Centre.


Councillor Joe Hendry, Leader of Carlisle Labour Group said:


“We’re today making our pledge to clean up Carlisle if we win the City Council in May. We’ve listened to local residents who are fed up with rubbish and dog dirt littering our streets and fly-tipping spoiling our communities. The problem has worsened since the Tories axed the wardens. The fact that only 11 fixed penalty notices have been handed out despite 600 complaints just isn’t good enough. 


“The Tory-led Council is out of touch on this issue. They even opposed our budget measures to introduce new wardens with real powers to take action. Thankfully we got the votes to push it through and this new “hit squad” should be working across Carlisle from this summer.


“However, only a Labour victory in May will make sure the funding stays in place and the Council has the resources it needs to clean up the city.” 


Mary Creagh, Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary said:


“I’m delighted to be here in Carlisle to launch our pledge to clean up the City. Joe Hendry and his team have listened to local residents and have come forward with a positive solution to the problem. 


“It’s quite unbelievable that the Tory administration in Carlisle opposed the introduction of the community wardens and their level of enforcement action is simply not got enough.  


“What this demonstrates is that the Tory-led administrations in Westminster and Carlisle share a common characteristic; they are both out of touch with the real concerns of ordinary people.”


Figures obtained from Carlisle City Council: 


Dog Fouling 


Year                       No. of complaints            Fixed Penalties issued 

08/09                     666                               26 

09/10                     617                               92 

10/11                     467                               45 

11/12  (so far)      562                               11 


Fly tipping 


YearNo of incidents reported  Prosecutions 

10/11180  0 

11/12174  2 pending