Alan Campbell, Ed Miliband and Nick Brown

Labour has launched our manifesto for the North East by highlighting plans to secure the region’s economic recovery and the risk posed by the Conservatives.

Labour’s General Election Manifesto Co-ordinator and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband joined Minister for the North East, Nick Brown, on a tour of the region to set out our vision for the North East.

Ed Miliband and Nick Brown visited Shepherd Offshore Renewable Energy Park to view progress on the construction of the new off-shore windfarm factory on the banks of the Tyne.

They will then travel on to New College in Durham City to meet apprentices and students.
Later in the day, they will also visit Aker Solutions in Stockton-on-Tees to meet graduates & apprentices and hear about Aker’s work in developing future energy technology.

Labour’s vision for the North East is to become a world leading centre for low carbon and renewable technology, turning the challenge of climate change into an opportunity for attracting new industry and good jobs to our region.

Labour’s Manifesto for the North East also underlines our plans to build on this region’s strengths in financial services, tourism and science and innovation.

• We will protect and develop the role of our Regional Development Agency, One North East and create regional growth funds to support economic development in the region.

• We will consider a mutual solution as one option for the future of Northern Rock.

• We will ensure fast broadband access reaches every household in the North East.

• We will establish a Green Investment Bank to support low-carbon infrastructure projects.

• In the next two years, £164m is being invested to build more affordable housing in the region.

• Building on our cultural heritage, The region’s Labour MPs are committed to securing the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to a permanent home in the North East.

Ed Miliband says;

“I'm pleased to be launching Labour's manifesto for the North East on the site of the country's first offshore wind factory. Soon hundreds of people will be employed making the turbines that will generate clean energy for the nation. This region has a great future ahead of it as a centre for new industries that are already bringing new high-skilled jobs. The role of One North East should not be underestimated in making this happen. The Tories want to cut regional development agencies like One North East putting the economic development of the North East at risk.”

Labour’s Regional Minister for the North East, Nick Brown says;

“My priority as Regional Minister has been to drive the prosperity of the North East. I’ve engaged with public and private sector organisations to broaden and deepen the employment base of the region.
We had the fastest growth rates of any region just before the economic downturn. I believe that our approach is the right one, and with the Government’s help we can get back on the road to prosperity. This will take a government that will stand by us, invest in us, support and encourage us. Only the Labour Party is promising to do that. The dramatic “savage cuts” promised by the Tories and the Lib Dems would be ruinous for our region.”