Labour launches plan for jobs and growth in the North East

Iain Wright MP with Cllr Nick Forbes launching Labour's five poiIain Wright, Labour's Shadow Business Minister and MP for Hartlepool today (Monday 17 October) launched Labour's plan for jobs and growth in the North East.

Iain Wright visiting Newcastle City Council on Monday afternoon to meet apprentices and hear about the Labour council's plans to increase the number of apprentices in the city.

Iain Wright MP said:

"This is a really worrying time for families across the North East; struggling with higher food prices and gas bills and worried about their jobs and their children's futures.

"I am today launching Labour's campaign for jobs and growth in the North East region. Last week's bleak unemployment figures underline the urgent need to deal with the economic problems confronting our region. Our plan would create up to 5,500 jobs for young people in the North East. We would build 800 new homes, cut VAT on home improvements and bring forward investment in projects like new school buildings.
"Labour would temporarily reverse the government's VAT increase, putting £450 back into family household budgets and give 58,000 small businesses in the region a tax break if they take on extra workers.
"By implementing such a plan, Labour would ensure that we would have an economic policy focused on growth, jobs and hope, rather than the Government's course of cuts, recession and soaring unemployment."

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

"These are dangerous times for Britain's economy and worrying times for millions of families.

"Week-by-week, day-by-day, with every downgrade in growth with every new set of unemployment figures, we can see the government's plan is failing.

"That is an economic emergency.

"Only a government which is badly out of touch with what is happening in Britain's factories, its high streets and its homes, would fail to realize that. Today it is clear - it is hurting but it has not worked.

"We are calling for an emergency Budget now. A clear five-point plan to create jobs, help struggling families and support small businesses."

Ed Balls MP, Labour's Shadow Chancellor, added:

 "The government can call their new plan whatever they like: Plan A plus , Plan B. It doesn't matter what it's called.

"Britain just needs a plan that works."


1. Labour's five-point plan for jobs and growth in the North East:
- Create up to 5,500 jobs for young people and build 800 new homes
- Bring forward investment projects like new school buildings
-Temporarily reverse the Tory-led Government's VAT rise - a £450 boost for families with children.
- Cut VAT on home improvements to 5% for a year.
- Give up to 58,000 small firms a tax break to take on extra workers.

2.Click here for Labour's plan for jobs and growth in the North East. For more details of Labour's campaign for growth visit

Five point plan for jobs and growth in the North East