Labour offers a fairer future for students let down by the Lib Dems – Lammy

David LammyLabour’s Higher Education Minister today took the General Election campaign to the region’s students at a meeting in an American-themed Diner in Newcastle.

David Lammy MP met a group of local students in the Stateside Diner, Newcastle upon Tyne to set out the party’s plans for higher education and students.

After listening to the concerns of young people and students from across the region Mr Lammy slammed the Liberal Democrats for letting down thousands of students who had been promised an end to fees.

Mr Lammy was joined by Labour’s Candidate for Newcastle Central , Chi Onwurah and Labour’s Candidate for Newcastle North, Catherine McKinnell to highlight how Labour’s promise of 20,000 extra university places combined with a £270 million modernisation fund would herald a fairer future fo r the region’s students.

David Lammy said:

“Speaking to local students two things were very clear; I was struck by their ambition for themselves and their city but beyond that I was shocked by the strength of feeling that they had been let down by the Liberal Democrats. It is easy enough to make promises in politics but it is more difficult to deliver. They made unaffordable promises at the last election that they would axe tuition fees but now they've come clean and admitted they can't afford it.

Britain cannot afford to go into the global marketplace without a workforce whose skills match up with the rest of the world. Half of all young people in every social group say they want to go to university and our goal is to get that many people into high quality higher education courses across Newcastle.

We aim to do that by funding an extra 20,000 university places in key economic areas and investing in modernisation of facilities which will enable Britain to continue its role as a world leader in the provision of higher education and academic research.”

Chi Onwurah said:

"As an Engineer, I know too well how important it is that we continue to build our knowledge base in science and engineering. We have some fantastic universities in Newcastle and across the North East. We can s ee evidence of our investment on the streets of Newcastle with the impressive new buildings at both Universities. It’s vital we continue to give them the resources they need. That’s why I want to see Labour deliver the funding we deserve to modernise facilities across the board.”

Catherine McKinnell said:

“I’m frustrated that so many people in higher education in the City have had promises broken by the Liberal Democrats. Students across Newcastle should receive the support they were led to expect – that is why I’m so pleased David set out very clearly what we will do for students and I’m confident those plans will find support amongst students and other voters.”