Councillor Yvonne McNicolGateshead Councillor Yvonne McNicol today resigned from the Liberal Democrats to join the Labour Party.

Councillor McNicol, who has represented the Dunston Hill and Whickham East ward since 2004, announced she had quit the Lib Dems in protest at the actions of the Coalition Government.
Announcing her move, Councillor McNicol said;
“By acting as cover for the Tories as they savagely cut our public services, the Lib Dems have shown they are no longer concerned about the people of the North East. The Lib Dems are no longer the party I joined and stood as a councillor for.

The Coalition’s budget proposals will hit the poorest in society the hardest. Gateshead has lost £80 million pounds of desperately needed investment in our schools as a direct result of Nick Clegg doing a deal with David Cameron. Whickham School, in my area, is a prime example of this.

The Lib Dem leadership have abandoned their principles in exchange for a ministerial car. I can no longer be associated with them. I am joining Labour because they are the only party willing to stand up for our region and vulnerable people.”
Councillor McNicol has joined a growing number of former Lib Dem Councillors, members and voters who have joined Labour since the formation of the Coalition Government in May.

 Blaydon Labour MP Dave Anderson said:
“I welcome Yvonne into our party. She is a hard working local councillor who cares a great deal about her local community and the people she represents. I am looking forward to working with her.

The Lib Dems nationally have sold out for a taste of power at any cost. I know there are many Liberal Democrats who are deeply unhappy about their party propping up a right wing Tory government. The coalition is a facade. There is a place in the Labour Party for people who are committed to progressive politics and want to make a positive difference.”
Yvonne McNicol is a married mother of two and works as a legal secretary.