Andy Burnham at Wallsend Boys Club

Labour’s Sports and Culture Secretary Andy Burnham MP has warned of potential cuts in funding to North East Sports Club and Groups across the North East under Tory plans.

The warning followed a visit to the legendary Wallsend Boys Club in North Tyneside.

The Secretary of State had been invited to visit the Club by Labour’s candidate for Mayor of North Tyneside, John Harrison and Stephen Hughes MEP.

During the visit Mr Burham met staff and played football with the Under8s team. He also heard about the Clubs plans to move to a new purpose built home in the town. The new development, funded by the Football Foundation and North Tyneside Council will give children their first ever football fields to play on and a state of the art Club building.

Labour’s Andy Burnham said;

"I'm delighted to have the chance to visit the legendary Wallsend Boys Club and see the place which started off the football careers of great players like Beardsley, Shearer and Michael Carrick. I was very interested to hear from the Club about their future plans for their new home and how Labour Mayor John Harrison has been able to assist them.

“It's important that we support local sports groups and charities both at a local and national level and that's why the Tories' plans to cut funding for thousands of local projects across the North East would cause so much damage."

John Harrison, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of North Tyneside said;

“I made a pledge to bring the Boys Club back to their spiritual home of North Tyneside some years ago and I’m delighted at their success. They play a huge role in giving local boys and girls something to do after school, not just football. As Mayor I’ve been determined to help local groups and clubs and that’s part of the reason why I introduced the well-being fund and why I think its wrong that local Conservatives want to axe it.”


Notes to editors:

1. David Cameron’s Conservatives are committed to reducing spending in the Cabinet office by £100 million from this year which could completely wipe out the Office of the Third Sector Budget. 

This is despite David Cameron often claiming that he cares deeply about charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups;

"That is why one of the most important ambitions of the next Conservative government will be to expand the role and the influence of charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations in our society. They are the engines of future social progress.”
David Cameron, Speech at Launch of Voluntary Action Green Paper, 3 June 2008

The Tory plan for £100 million of cuts to the Cabinet Office could mean that across England there would be no grants from the Office of the Third Sector at all.

2. Andy Burnham MP is photographed with John Harrison, Labour's Candidate for Elected Mayor of North Tyneside, Stephen Hughes MEP and the Under8s members of Wallsend Boys Club.