North West Regional Minister welcomes the Budget

- and challenges George Osborne to come clean on his plans.
North West Regional Minister Phil Woolas has welcomed the Chancellor’s Budget Statement.
Giving his reaction after Alistair Darling set out Labour’s choices he also challenged the shadow chancellor, George Osborne, to come clean about Conservative plans.

MP Phil Woolas said:

“This Budget secures the recovery – rather than putting it at risk.

“It builds a future based on growth and jobs for the North West – rather than leaving people to a decade of austerity. It sets out a clear plan to halve the deficit while protecting frontline services.

"The Conservatives refuse to match our pledge and continue to conceal their plan. We will make these choices in a fair way – standing up for the many, not the few.”

He added:

“George Osborne must say how they would meet the challenge that we have set in this Budget. How much would the Tories cut from spending in 2010/11? George Osborne won’t say.

“How quickly would the Tories halve the deficit? George Osborne won’t say. By how much would the Tories reduce the structural deficit? George Osborne won’t say. We’ve set out our plan. It is time for George Osborne to come clean.”