PolicemanFigures released today reveal that the region’s police forces have lost 822 police officers since the last General Election. 

In the North East, Police Officer strength has been reduced by 712, with Northumbria seeing the largest fall with the loss of 335 posts. Cleveland has seen a fall of 234 officers whilst Durham has seen a reduction on 142.

Cumbria Police has seen its work-force reduced by 110 police officer posts. 

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary said:

"Under David Cameron and Theresa May's policies there are 11,500 fewer police on the streets and fewer crimes being solved.

“These figures are far worse than Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary predicted and take police numbers backwards a decade.

“These huge cuts to policing are making it harder for the police to catch criminals and deliver justice. 30,000 fewer crimes were solved under this Government in the last year, including 7,000 crimes of violence against the person.

“The Home Secretary is completely out of touch with communities. Thousands more victims are being denied justice, thousands more criminals are getting away with it, yet David Cameron and Theresa May think this is a good time to cut thousands more police.

“There are fewer front-line officers, fewer officers responding to 999 calls and the police are less visible and available under this Government. The Tory-led Government needs to urgently rethink next year's police budget cuts and stop letting communities down."


Editor’s notes:

1)      Police strength figures: 

· There were 132,235 Police Officers (full-time equivalents) in England and Wales on 30 September 2012. 

· Police Officer numbers for the 43 English and Welsh forces have decreased by 4,001 or 2.9 per cent compared with September 2011 and have decreased by 2,262 or 1.7 per cent compared with March 2012. 

· This is the lowest number of Police Officers recorded since 2002. 

· There were falls in the number of Police Officers for 32 of the 43 English and Welsh forces since March 2012 and falls in the number of Police Officers for 42 of the 43 English and Welsh forces since September 2011. 

· Regional force by force breakdown:


March 2010 September 2012 Difference

North East 7419 6707 -712

Cleveland 1724 1490 -234

Durham 1507 1365 -142

Northumbria 4187 3852 -335

Cumbria 1238 1128 -110