Liam Byrne & Anna Turley at Wheel solution to EmploymentLabour's Shadow Work and Pension's Secretary, Liam Byrne was in Redcar today (Thursday 16 May 2013) to see the work of an innovative training scheme. 

Mr Bryne visited FROG at Grangetown Neighbourhood Centre to learn about the "Wheel Solution to Employment" programme. The project which is funded in partnership with Coast and Country, Accent and Tees Valley Housings and the National Lottery, aims to help the young and long-term unemployed into work by providing low cost driving lessons in return for participation in community work. 

Mr Byrne was invited to visit the programme by Anna Turley, Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for Redcar. Whilst at the Neighbourhood Centre they heard from people who completed the scheme to gain a driving licence either to find a route back into employment or to start their own business. 

Mr Bryne visited the project the day after the latest unemployment statistics revealed another increase in those out of work in the North East region. 

Liam Byrne, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said:


"Wheel Solutions to Employment makes a great impact on local people who are locked out of a job. It is exactly the sort of local initiative we need to help get Britain back to work.

 “After three years we now have definitive proof that this government has simply failed. Unemployment in Redcar is now even higher than this time last year, employment has fallen in the North East for the last four months and Teesside urgently needs action to ensure people aren’t being left dole and that local businesses and exports grow.

 “Yet despite a jobs crisis, the government did literally nothing in the Queen's Speech to help. Ministers should stop standing on the side-lines and bring in Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee, get the long-term jobless back into work and end any prospect of a life on the dole for good.”

 Anna Turley, Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for Redcar said:

 "I was really pleased to be able to bring Liam to Redcar to meet people who are trying to get back into work. With nine people for every job here it's really tough, and as people told us today, the system is not only not helping them, but is actually making it harder. 

 "Instead of punishing people who want to work, this government should be helping them. Programmes like Wheel Solutions give practical help, treat people like individuals and give them the opportunity to get on when the system lets them down."