Teesside’s Coalition MPs have let down Cleveland Police

Senior Teesside Councillor expresses his fears for the future of community policing.



Labour today highlighted the role of Teesside’s Conservative and Lib Dem MPs in the decision to cut the budget for police.


Earlier this week Cleveland Police announced a reduction of 230 warranted police officers as part of the £17million cuts imposed on them by the Tory-led government.


Stockton South Conservative MP, James Wharton and Lib Dem MP for Redcar, Ian Swales both voted to impose 20% cuts to the national police budget in a vote in the House of Commons last week.


Labour’s local MPs Alex Cunningham, Iain Wright, Sir Stuart Bell and Tom Blenkinsop voted against 20% cuts to the police grant and to protect Cleveland police officers.


Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper MP said:


"We will not support 20 per cent cuts to police funding. As we have seen already this will mean at least 10,000 fewer police officers, and is cutting too deep and too fast. Chief Constables and Police forces are being put in an impossible position. The Government should listen to people across the country who are opposed to the scale of these police cuts and are worried this will undermine the fight against crime in their area. We know the strength of feeling in local communities about this and we oppose these cuts to police officers across the country.
“Unfortunately despite our opposition this Tory-led government forced these cuts through the House of Commons last week with the support of James Wharton and Ian Swales. We will continue to oppose these cuts to police.
Councillor Steve Nelson, Labour’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety on Stockton Borough Council said:


“It is very disappointing that Teesside’s Conservative and Lib Dem MPs voted through these cuts to Cleveland Police’s budget. Together with the massive cuts to local government, these decisions are going to have a detrimental effect on the fight against crime locally and are a huge risk with community safety.


“Cleveland Police’s commitment to neighbourhood policing has proved very popular with residents and has helped produce the huge reductions in crime in the Tees Valley. I am very worried as to the sustainability of the current numbers of uniformed officers on "the beat”.


“Nobody on Teesside voted to see police numbers cut and by voting through these measures Teesside’s Coalition MPs have let down Cleveland Police and our community.”




Notes to editors


1. Hansard – Details of voting record on 20% cut Police Grant – 9 February 2011