The ConDem government risk reversing Labour’s cuts in crime rates

Alan CampbellLabour has today welcomed the publication of annual Home Office statistics showing a large drop in recorded crime in the North East.

According the Home Office, compared with last year, total recorded crime is down by 14% across the North East region.

Police Recorded reports of violence against the person, domestic burglary, robbery, knife crime and vehicle crime were all down.

The British Crime Survey figures also indicate that overall crime has not increased in the region in the last year.

Alan Campbell MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister and MP for Tynemouth said;

“I welcome the figures as evidence of the success of previous government in tackling crime. A 14% fall in total recorded crime, despite the tough economic times we have been through in the region, demonstrates the excellent work of our local police forces.

The last Labour Government was the first government since Second World War to have left office with crime lower than when it came to office. This underlines the risk that the current government is taking in reducing police budget for this year with bigger cuts to come in the autumn.  Cuts of around 25% in police funding with restricted access to DNA and less CCTV could bring a rise in crime in the future.  We shouldn’t forget that under the last Tory government crime doubled.”


Notes to Editors:

In the North East region, compared with last year:

  • • Total recorded crime is down 14%
    • Police recorded violence against the person is down 12%
    • Police recorded domestic burglary is down 13%
    • Police recorded offences against vehicles are down 21%
    • Police recorded robbery is down 22%
    • Police recorded robbery offences involving knives is down 8%
    • The number of sexual offences reported to the police has increased by 7% which is reflected nationwide. However, this likely to be due to increasing numbers of victims coming forward and reporting these kinds of crimes, rather than being indicative of an increase in the number of offences actually taking place.
    • Unfortunately, police recorded drug offences have increased by 1%, compared with a 4% decline nationwide
    • The British Crime Survey figures also indicate that overall crime has not increased in the last year.