"Thousands of young people across our region are paying a very heavy price."- McKinnell

Labour has today highlighted the plight of young people and women as unemployment in the North East region rose by 5.1% in the three months to October 2010.

Responding to gloomy employment statistics, Labour's Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell said;

“Today’s figures are very worrying, with the unemployment rate across the country up for the first time in six months and the North East continuing to be one of the worst-affected regions in the UK – and especially when analysts had been expecting a fall in the figures.


“It would appear that today’s figures are a result of cuts to public sector jobs, whilst private sector employment rates have remained about the same. We really do have to question the Government’s belief that the private sector is going to be able to pick up the slack; particularly when we know that there are thousands of public sector jobs cuts on the horizon in the North East and across the country.


“We also have one of the highest youth employment rates since records began with almost one in five 16-24 year olds out of work across the country, and around one in three in the North East.


We are now starting to see the impact of the Coalition’s decision to cut schemes such as the Future Jobs Fund and thousands of young people across our region are paying a very heavy price.”


Tom Blenkinsop, Labour's MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland said;

“It is the first time that the jobless measure has risen for six months and this has been driven by public sector job losses.  The Government is relying on private sector job creation to offset an estimated 330,000 public sector redundancies over the next four years.  However, these figures show that the fears of many people - including me and my Party - that the private sector would not simply fill the gaps left by the public sector cuts are being realised.”


“Unemployment in the North East has gone up by 6,000 and the number of women unemployed is at its highest level since 1988.  This is of great concern to me, especially given that many of the deep cuts to our public services have not even come into force yet.  Under this Coalition Government, and its ideologically driven shrinking of the state, we are facing difficult times ahead, particularly in the North East.  I will continue to fight against every unnecessary cut which will damage our area.”