“Tories are going soft on crime” says Home Secretary as crime in North East falls by 11%

Figures released today (Thursday Jan 21st) show that crime across the North East has fallen by 11%. Across the country, crime has fallen by 8%, with burglary, robbery and violence all down this quarter.  This drop in crime, which will be welcomed by people across the region, is the latest indication that Labour’s tough line and investment in frontline services is making our communities safer.

Home Office minister and Labour MP for Tynemouth Alan Campbell said:

“Today's figures show that the crimes the public care most about are falling across the country with burglary, robbery and violence all down this quarter and overall police recorded crime reduced by eight per cent.

“I’m very pleased to see that confidence in the police is increasing and the number of people worried about high levels of antisocial behaviour has fallen to 15 per cent - the lowest on record. The British Crime Survey also shows and the risk of being a victim is at its lowest point ever.

“The fall in crime across the North East region shows the difference that can be made when we work together to tackle crime and is a testament to the effort and commitment shown by police and crime reduction partners around the region.”

Labour’s Home Secretary Alan Johnson said:

“New Labour always understood about tackling the causes of crime. As the latest crime figures show – your streets are safer.

“When it comes to the general election voters will have to take a decision about which party they trust to tackle crime. The Tories tried this week to show they are tough on crime but they can't airbrush the truth.

“David Cameron has ignored middle Britain’s concerns about crime in favour of attracting plaudits from their liberal dinner party friends.

“Labour is keeping Britain’s streets safe. As we get closer to the election, the choice will become increasingly clear.

“As the Tories have shown this week, the risk of the Conservatives will become ever clearer as the public discover their soft attitude to law and order.”


1. The latest quarterly update on national crime statistics for England and Wales produced by the Home Office is released today (21 January 2010). For the first time, rolling 12 month statistics at police force area level are being published alongside this quarterly bulletin on the Home Office website. These statistics cover a range of recorded crime offence groups and BCS findings on confidence and perceptions and are available online at: http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/pdfs10/hosb0210pftabs.xls