Revealed! What the Tories really think of the North

Winter Gardens SunderlandAnger as Top Tory Think Tank calls for North to be abandoned.
Northerner’s told to move South.

There is growing anger across the North following the publication of a controversial paper by right-wing Think Tank closely linked to the Tories. Policy Exchange, which has been referred to as David Cameron’s “Favourite Think Tank” has called on a future Conservative government to stop the regeneration of Northern Cities and Towns in the North and instead put the money into London and the South East.

The report also states that residents should be encouraged to move to the South East of England to make a new life.

The Report singles out Sunderland for particular comment saying that “it is not somewhere that outsiders consider a desirable place to live” and “it is time to stop pretending that there is a bright future for Sunderland.”

Policy Exchange has a number of close links to the Conservative Party and David Cameron. Its founders are Michael Gove, the Tories’ Education spokesperson and Nicholas Bowles, the Chief of Staff to Boris Johnson, the Tory Mayor of London. Andrew Browne, the Think Tank’s Director has also recently joined Johnson’s staff.

Labour’s Minister for the North East Nick Brown MP said;

“These people do not know what they are talking about. Our region has the fastest growth rate in England, no region has worked harder to help itself than the North East of England.

"If these people really are advising David Cameron, then God help us if we ever get another Conservative government."

Sharon Hodgson MP, Member of Parliament for Gateshead & Washington West said;

“This report is totally bonkers. To suggest that we can successfully restore Sunderland’s fortunes by encouraging people to leave the city defies logic. I very much doubt the authors have ever visited Sunderland because if they had they would know that the city is going from strength to strength. You only have to look at the Aquatic Centre and the new housing projects to see the ambition of Sunderland. It’s a Tory think tank behind this report and it reminds me of when Norman Tebbit told us all to get on our bikes, we didn’t listen to them then and we won’t listen to them now. “

Fraser Kemp MP (Houghton & Washington East) said

"People ought to be promoting and bigging-up the city, not talking it down in this way .For people in London to come out and effectively write-off the city is just ignorance."