“We need to see action, and spades in the ground, right now – not investment brought forward in five or seven years time.”

MoneyCommenting on today’s Spending Review announcement, MP for Newcastle North and Shadow Treasury Minister, Catherine McKinnell said:

“This Spending Review was forced on the Chancellor because his economic plan has failed on living standards, growth and the deficit. Ordinary families and public services across Tyneside are already paying the price for this – with yet more cuts to public services announced today.

“The Government should be providing a kickstart to economic growth and jobs in the region, by genuinely bringing forward infrastructure investment. Their record on this issue so far has been absolutely woeful – with only seven of the Coalition’s 571 ‘priority’ infrastructure projects either completed or underway.

“We need to see action, and spades in the ground, right now – not investment brought forward in five or seven years time.”

Anna Turley, Labour's parliamentary candidate for Redcar said: 

"Today's spending round has failed on the most important test for the people of our area- action on jobs, growth and falling living standards. All we see is more cuts - a direct result of the government's failed austerity programme - hitting those who are struggling to make ends meet even harder.

"Labour has urged David Cameron and George Osborne to heed the warnings of the International Monetary Fund which last month called on the Government to bring forward infrastructure investment right now. Cuts to public spending on infrastructure are having an impact.  In total, the Tory-led Government has spent £5 billion less in capital investment in the last three years when compared to the plans inherited from Labour. Today we saw announcements of more investment in London and the south and nothing for us.

"In Teesside and North Yorkshire we need to get construction workers back to work repairing our broken roads, improving transport links and building the affordable homes we need. This action will create jobs now, make our economy stronger and give us a long-term return.

"The UK economy has been stagnating since this Government took office.  This is now the slowest recovery for over 100 years with just 1.1 per cent growth since the 2010 Spending Review compared to the 6 per cent forecast at the time.

"Today's announcements mean more misery for our lowest paid, no support for those who rely on public services and no hope for our young people in desperate need of a job."

Commenting on the news that the Chancellor's announcement of a local growth fund, Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, Labour MP for City of Durham said:

“The £2bn local growth fund is just an insult to the region. Lord Heseltine called for £70 billion and instead George Osborne has provided £2 billion for all the regions to fight over. In a week in which the Labour Leaders of North East Councils took a decisive step to promote growth by creating a combined authority, the government has failed to match up in commitment.

“The government has failed to deliver on infrastructure during this parliament and it looks like we’re just going to get more of the same.  We need action now and infrastructure investment brought forward this year, not in five or seven years’ time. We will see more detail tomorrow but I am concerned that the region will once again be left off the list of government’s major infrastructure projects."