Labour has today released analysis of unemployment figures in the North East which show a 111% increase in long term youth unemployment.

House of Commons Library research show that since January 2011, the number of young people in the North East unemployed for longer than six months has climbed to over 9,000, an increase of 4,770.

Official statistics also released today reveal that the North East saw the number of people out of work climb by 12,000 to 148,000 people in the latest quarter.

Responding to today's figures, Iain Wright MP, Labour's Shadow Business Minister and MP for Hartlepool said:

"These are deeply worrying figures for the region. Since January there has been a 111% rise in young people on the dole for six months or more. The Tory-led Government's economic policies are certainly hurting but not working for the North East.

"Another month goes by and we see very little action on from David Cameron. Many families face a grim Christmas worrying about the security of their jobs and the future for their children. Young people are continuing to bear the brunt of this government's failure.

"We need something done about this fast. There is a better way; a £2 billion tax on bank bonuses to fund 5,500 jobs in our region for young people is part of Labour's 5 point plan to create jobs and economic growth. We need urgent action to help long term youth unemployment scarring our area and cutting off an entire generation from the world of work."